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T-shirt design

NZ Music Month 2019

In 2019, New Zealand Music Month ran a t-shirt design competition.


For the competition, I came up with a perfect formula for the Music Month: Ao + Mu₂ + Mo = NZMM


The Ao element, Aotearoa, has the atomic number 64 and atomic weight of 4.794. 64 is the country's calling code and 4.794 (million) is the approximate population of New Zealand in 2019.

The Mu₂ element stands for music. Its atomic number, 1, means music is the No. 1 thing to be celebrated during Music Month. The element's weight is 432. Music tuned to 432 Hz is softer and brighter, is believed to provide greater clarity, and is easier on the ears.

The Mo element stands for month, and has 5 and 2019 as its atomic number and weight. Music Month took place in May, the 5th month of 2019.

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