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Product design / Co-creation


Dzynspace is a New Zealand-owned graphic design software space, with a freelancer collaborative service available to subscribers. Within Dzynspace, users can create social media, web, print and other visual content using simple drag-and-drop techniques.


Dzynspace is easy to use, and saves users time and money. It was built with non-designers in mind. The Dzynspace team believes that everyone should have access to great designs, regardless of skill level and cost.


The Dzynspace image library has over 2 million images and templates to choose from, including access to talented freelancers who can create custom designs.


I joined Dzynspace as a UI/UX designer in 2019.

Along with another designer, the product owner and a team of developers, I've been involved in all stages of product design and product launch processes, such as developing user flows, wireframes and hi-fi prototypes, user research, brand development and marketing campaigns, collaborating with developers, creating user stories, writing test scripts, and UAT testing the software.

Dzynspace Builder prototype (early stages)


Dzynspace Builder prototype (latest version)

Builder Add Page2x.jpg
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